Peer Support is Official – MHCC

The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) is a mouthful of experts, acronyms and data. It has studied and created standards for Peer Support and has found that:

Papers fly - It is official - peer support works - celebrate

It is official – celebrate

Peer support works. Empowerment and the development of personal resourcefulness — the foundation of peer support — not only improves people’s lives but also saves money by reducing the use of more formal mental health, medical, and social services. – See more

Do I really need official proof that Peer Support Works?Not really. Peer support has helped me without providing proof. But. Scientific peer support “language” that speaks to officials, organizations and skeptics is valuable. It can open minds and funding!

Whether you hear about peer support from a coworker or whether you read about it on official sites, the important thing is that you take the chance to listen, share, support and learn.

The MHCC has produced MHCC guidelines for peer support. Also see: Peer Support Accreditation and Certification (Canada)Captivating reading.

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