10 things I hate about peer support groups

Picard, Riker and Worf face palm

Even Jean-Luc Picard gets frustrated with peer support groups

A brief list of the reasons I hate peer support groups

  1. People. I hate people. They scare, irritate, and bore me… Not you. You are perfect.
  2. Listening. Listening to other people’s problems. [See 1]
  3. Group Time. Why are there so many other people talking? Shouldn’t they be listening to me?
  4. Travelling to peer support groups. I barely have the energy to get dressed let alone energy to get to a group.
  5. Your horrible stories. There is always one person with a 20 minute story of tragedy that distracts from my story about losing my phone.
  6. Boundaries. I don’t want to hear about your kid’s lice, school, sports, and ADHD diagnosis; lend you money or listen to your story of fecal recultivation [See 5].
  7. Boundaries. I really need to ask out that beautiful person who would be perfect and we would get married and be happy forever, but boundaries.
  8. Confidentiality. I know they are going to gossip about me so I why can’t I gossip first. You wouldn’t believe what this guy said about the sex stuff and how he was so drunk he peed on the building and drove over the cat…
  9. Giving away Gold. People should be paying for my brilliant advice.
  10. Groups are too Serious. I hate it when they always miss my ironic rantings  😉

You all what peer support is, right?

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